Galvanizing Chemicals

VCD is one of the Group Company of Floridienne Group. THE FLORIDIENNE GROUP recognized as a major player in the chemical sector, the group is linked to VCD by its subsidiary SNAM, leader in the recycling of new generation batteries and recovery of valuable metals. The group is listed on Euronext Brussels, giving it international exposure and access to capital markets, enabling it to carry out its development.
They can offer a complete range of services, from the simple sale of chemical products to the development of exclusive custom formulations. The supply of high-performance filtration equipment and the training of teams in good technical practice make VCD your daily partner in production.
VCD’s scope is: Supply of Chemical Products such as; Degreasing, Pickling, Fluxes and Passivation. Supply of Expertise and Training services such as; Analyses – Advice, Audits of processes, baths and plants
Internal or external training according to the number of participants. Supply of Custom Formulations such as; Formulation of a particular product on the basis of the customer’s specifications. Examples:
Flux adapted to zinc alloy baths and high temperatures, Low-fuming flux. Products adapted to local and environmental constraints. Supply about Design and R&D such as Assistance in the design of specific ranges for hot-dip galvanizing. Development under a confidentiality agreement of new formulations and processes.

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