Galvanized Plant Installation and Stages
Galvanized plant installation can be done with 7-stage planning. With the right planning, the installation of the Hot Dipped Galvanized Plant takes place between 9-12 months as Turnkey EXTRA.
When preparing the galvanizing facility installation plans, firstly the dimensions of the materials to be coated and production capacities are planned.

Galvanic Plant Installation Steps:
1. Information of Products to be Coated; The products to be coated with Hot Dip Galvanized are firstly selected for Galvanized Furnace and Crucible in relation to the design and dimensions.
2. Daily Production Capacity; Galvanized Furnace Capacity is determined according to the amount of products to be coated in daily and monthly periods and the efficiency of zinc boiler is calculated. 3. Projecting; According to the determined capacities, the land and galvanizing plant project design works will be started.
4. Transitions Between Processes; Transitions between processes are processed on the newly prepared layout. This planning includes the entry and exit operations of the product group into the enterprise. 5. An Efficient Layout Plan; An efficient layout will prevent job losses between processes. 6.Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Benefits; On the basis of energy efficiency, transactions are put into operation with a competitive power in the market.
7. Environmental Sensitivity; Sensitivity to the environment, primarily worker health and safety, extends the life of the machines in the enterprise and protects our respect for nature.

It is an important part of the facility's long-lasting, efficient, reimbursement of the facility and in terms of reducing costs in the competitive market.
Taking these steps into consideration, Galvanized Plant Installations are commissioned by Estgal A.Ş.
Estgal A.Ş Continues to Support After Installation
Personnel Training,
Machine Equipment Use and Maintenance Trainings
Process Trainings ... With all the necessary trainings, the facility can stand alone.

Galvanized plant installation